Angouleme MarketLet me say at the outset, its not me,the IBS sufferer is my wife. I am the frequent cook though, so I struggle to share our diet without needing two menus… without there being one delicious and appetising choice and another dull and repetitive.

At the outset, when I first met Delia, IBS was a constant background pain for her along with all the other IBS inconveniences that she also lived with. Occasionally it flared up, and yes stress was often involved. It still is, stress that is, but as a background, not as the dominating cause some of the medical community would have it to be. With the awareness of FODMAPS we can adapt many recipes and eat relatively normally.

FODMAPS however has not been a saviour in all respects, IBS is kept at bay but if we stray into sensitive food areas it flares up acutely. We do know however what has caused it and the chronic aspect is a thing of the past.

Back in the chronic ‘bad old days’ Delia thought she was intolerant to milk and some other foods such as sweetcorn. Milk was certainly in the frame, but she had no idea about onion, garlic, legumes (yes ALL legumes!) and the list goes on. When we first looked at FODMAPS it seemed (to me as the frequent cook) that there was scarcely anything she COULD eat.

This website is an attempt to occasionally document the journey to normal eating – at home at least. Also to list recipes we have found to be mainstays of a varied FODMAPS diet.

It is not the answer for everyone, FODMAPS that is. But it helped us become aware of the wide range of foodstuffs and degrees of intolerance that cause Delia’s particular manifestation of IBS. Perhaps it can help you too.